Add a file attachment to the identity

POST /users/{user_id}/kyc/identities/{id}/file/{type}/{number}

Add a file attachment to the identity.

Path parameters

  • user_id string Required

    User id

  • id string Required

    Resource ID

  • type string Required

    File type

    Values are commercial_register, authorization, or legal_structure.

  • number string Required

    Document ID number

Query parameters


Body Required

The identity file information


POST /users/{user_id}/kyc/identities/{id}/file/{type}/{number}
curl \
 -X POST{user_id}/kyc/identities/{id}/file/{type}/{number}?issued_at=string&expires_at=string&issuing_authority=string&issuing_country=string \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"attachment":{}}'
Request example
  "attachment": {}
Response examples (201)
  "id": "string",
  "file": {},
  "filename": "string",
  "document_type": "string",
  "document_id_number": "string",
  "issued_at": "string",
  "expires_at": "string",
  "issuing_authority": "string",
  "issuing_country": "string",
  "content_type": "string"